Allen backtracks over ‘sad’ Weinstein

WOODY Allen has clarified his comments about Harvey Weinstein, claiming he meant to say the disgraced movie mogul is a “sad, sick man,” according to a report.

‘I have heard you rape women’

A VETERAN Hollywood journalist claims she confronted Harvey Weinstein about his sexual assault allegations decades ago, but didn’t know whether he would ever be exposed.

Assange attacks ‘creepy Clinton’

JULIAN Assange has responded to a stunning attack by Hillary Clinton, where she accused the WikiLeaks founder of being a “tool of Russian intelligence”.

Rose fumes: ‘You motherf*****g piglet’

ACTRESS Rose McGowan has attacked late-night TV host James Corden for making light about the sex-assault and harassment allegations against disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

‘Harvey has no remorse whatsoever’

BOB Weinstein says he knew his business partner and brother Harvey was a cheater, but was in the dark when it came to the extent of his “sick and depraved” ways, according to a new report.

Blake Lively ‘filmed while sleeping’

ACTRESS Blake Lively has come forward with her own experience of sexual harassment in the wake of the ongoing Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.