Omarosa opens up on White House exit

OUTGOING presidential aide Omarosa Manigault Newman said she saw things at the White House that “profoundly” disturbed her — as she shot down reports that she was fired and physically removed, insisting she resigned.

Hayek ‘forced into lesbian sex scene’

SALMA Hayek has written an explosive opinion piece in which she details how she was stalked by Harvey Weinstein for a decade, forced to do a lesbian scene with close friend Ashley Judd to appease him and how he once threatened to kill her.

Cops hunt for Lil Peep’s drug dealer

THE US Drug Enforcement Administration has launched an investigation to try and find the person who gave rapper Lil Peep fentanyl which resulted in his overdose death.

Uproar over ‘Making a Murderer’ ruling

A FEDERAL appeals court in Chicago narrowly overturned a ruling overnight that could have freed a Wisconsin inmate featured in the “Making a Murderer” series from prison, though one dissenting judge called the case “a profound miscarriage of justice”.

Celeb homes under threat by fires

A NUMBER of the world’s most expensive mansions belonging to celebrities are under threat as bushfires destroy parts of Los Angeles.

Child star’s bombshell abuse tape

COREY Feldman has dropped a bombshell this morning, claiming to have found audio of an explosive interview with police in which he named the Hollywood paedophiles who abused him as a child actor.